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Women's Specific Snowshoes

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All of these women's snowshoes are optimally designed for a woman's stride. Binding and arch support specifically designed for women. Streamlined frame geometry delivers the best clearance for a woman’s stride.

These snowshoes for women are categorized for Expedition/Out-of-Bounds, Go Anywhere/All Terrain, Recreational/Trail Adventure and Basic Beginner use. See individual model details for specific target use and category.

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Tubbs Panoramic Snowshoes - Women's

price: $174.96

Feeling a little less pedestrian and a little more adventurous this season? The all-new Tubbs Panoramic Snowshoe for women takes you wherever the view is best and the crowds are smallest, so that you get the most adventure out of your outing.

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Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoes - Women's

price: $139.96

Employee Pick! Experience the rugged wilderness with surprising comfort and ease in this high-performance snowshoe with razor sharp crampons for superb traction, user-friendly wrap bindings that add stability and warmth, a rotating toe cord to shed snow each time you lift a foot, and a biomechanical frame shape that reduces impact on joints.

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Atlas Elektra Rendezvous Snowshoes - Women's

price: $97.96

These women’s-specific trail walking snowshoes are designed for beginners and value-minded snowshoers looking to explore flat to rolling terrain, and feature supportive, easy-adjust bindings; a lightweight, efficient frame; and sturdy, multi-directional traction for going up, down, or across.

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Atlas Elektra Treeline Snowshoes - Women's

price: $167.96

This women’s-specific snowshoe blends go-anywhere performance with all-day comfort, thanks to all-direction toe and rail crampons that give you grip for climbing, descending, and traversing in hilly terrain, a Light-Ride suspension system that promotes an efficient, cushioned stride, and supportive bindings that offer easy-adjust security with comfy wrap-around padding.

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Atlas Elektra Rendezvous Snowshoe Kit - Women's

price: $189.95

A terrific all-in-one starter kit for beginning snowshoers on flat to rolling terrain, this women’s-specific snowshoe set features lightweight and easy-to-use Atlas Elektra Women’s Rendezvous snowshoes, stable and adjustable 2-part poles, and a handy snowshoe tote with a mesh cover for ventilation.

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Louis Garneau Versant Snowhoes -

price: $264.99

Ready for rolling terrain, varied conditions, and all but the harshest backcountry territory, this women’s day hiking snowshoe boasts an incredibly easy dial-adjust binding, multi-directional go-anywhere traction, and an ergonomic frame shape.

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Louis Garneau Massif Snowshoes - Women's

price: $169.99

Ready for rolling terrain, varied conditions, and all but the harshest backcountry territory, this women’s day hiking snowshoe boasts an incredibly easy dial-adjust binding, multi-directional go-anywhere traction, and an ergonomic frame shape.

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MSR Revo Explore Snowshoes - Women's

price: $199.95

This all-terrain snowshoe designed specifically for women is ready for all but the most extreme backcountry conditions, thanks to the supportive and mirco-adjust HyperLink binding, the ExoTract steel perimeter traction integrated into flexible plastic decking, and the versatility of snowshoe tail compatibility for on-demand float.

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MSR Revo Trail Snowshoes - Women's

price: $129.95

Ideal for day hiking on flat to rolling terrain like snowmobile trails, golf courses, or the backyard woods, these women’s-specific snowshoes combine comfort, value, and performance, thanks to easy-adjust bindings, super-stable traction, and snowshoe tail compatibility that enables you to add a 5” tail for extra float only when you need it.

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MSR Revo Ascent Snowshoes - Women's

price: $239.95

Master every obstacle the backcountry doles out with these rugged women’s-specific snowshoes, thanks to the simple, secure, and freeze-resistant PosiLock AT binding and the ExoTract decking with Torsion2 crampon that offer durability, torsional flex, and superior traction to maintain contact on any terrain.

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MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoes - Women's

price: $259.95

With 360° frame traction for superior grip, modular snowshoe tail versatility for deep snow, an easy-to-use supportive binding, and an efficient gait adjustment customizable to your stride, this women’s-specific all-terrain snowshoe is burly enough for hiking in any of the steep terrain or variable conditions you encounter.

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MSR Lightning Trail Snowshoes - Women's

price: $169.95

Designed specifically for a woman’s stride, this trail series snowshoe is perfect for all-day exploring on flat to rolling terrain, combining high performance traction, comfortable bindings, and the versatility of optional snowshoe tails for added flotation in unpacked snow.

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Tubbs Flex ESC Beginner Snowshoes - Women's

price: $90.96

Ideal for beginning snowshoers, this value-packed trail walking snowshoe features a women’s-specific design, a shock-absorbing FLEX frame that rolls for a natural stride, a rugged set of Traction Rails for control and grip on any terrain, and an intuitive binding with built-in support.

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Tubbs Mountaineer Backcountry Snowhoes - Women's

price: $188.95

Feel confident tackling the steepest and most rugged terrain in this elite women’s-specific backcountry snowshoe - aggressive crampons, shock-absorbing articulation, supportive bindings, and flexible frame design deliver the ultimate traction, flotation, control, and comfort.

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Tubbs Flex Alp Backcountry Snowshoes - Women's

price: $239.95

Alpine backcountry meets its match with this aggressive women’s-specific snowshoe that excels on steep terrain and variable conditions, featuring Viper 2.0 crampons and Traction Rails for razor sharp traction even on side slopes or ice, ActiveFLEX bindings that are stable and easy to use, and a FLEX trail frame that rolls naturally from heel to toe and absorbs shock as you hike.

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Tubbs Xpedition Snowshoes - Women's

price: $239.95

Experience the backcountry in this all-terrain snowshoe with carbon steel crampons for traction in variable snow or ice, stable and user-friendly women’s-specific bindings, a flexible frame for natural foot positioning and control on side slopes, and patented articulation that absorbs shock and sheds snow.

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Tubbs Women’s Flex VRT

price: $259.95

This aggressive backcountry snowshoe with women’s-specific features fuses an award-winning Flex tail design that rolls naturally from heel to toe for easier hiking and improved shock absorption, a DynamicFit BOA closure binding that wraps the foot for the ultimate in control and comfort and tightens with a simple dial twist, and a Viper 2.0 crampon and Traction Rails traction system for superb grip on icy pitches and hard-packed side hills.

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Tubbs Journey Snowshoes - Women's

price: $107.97

An excellent choice for day hiking on or off the beaten path, this women’s-specific snowshoe features a secure and easy-adjust binding, razor sharp Talon crampon for traction in any snow conditions, biomechanical FitStep frame that reduces impact on joints, and a rotating toe cord to easily shed snow as you walk.

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Tubbs Flex TRK Snowshoe - Women's

price: $104.96

Equally comfortable hiking up, down, and across your favorite slope or heading out the back door when there’s an icy glaze, this women’s-specific snowshoe boasts flexible decking with rugged traction rails that dig into hardpack snow no matter how uneven the footing, a shock-absorbing FLEX frame that rolls naturally from heel to toe, and an easy on-off QuickPull binding with stable Control Wings.

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Tubbs Women’s Flex ESC Snowshoe Kit

price: $125.96

Just right for beginners and recreational snowshoers on flat to rolling terrain and mostly packed snow, this women’s-specific snowshoe kit comes with comfortable and user-friendly Women’s FLEX ESC snowshoes, lightweight adjustable snowshoe poles for extra stability, and a handy FLEX series snowshoe tote for getting your new gear to and from the trail.

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Tubbs Xplore Snowshoes Kit - Women's

price: $125.96

This is the perfect starter kit for value-conscious beginning snowshoers, and includes stable and easy-to-use Tubbs Women’s Xplore snowshoes, durable and adjustable 2-piece poles, and nylon snowshoe gaiters that keep snow out and comfort in.

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Tubbs Women’s Flex RDG Snowshoes

price: $132.96

Perfect for a day hike across your favorite ridgeline, this women’s-specific snowshoe shines on all-mountain terrain and varied conditions, thanks to Traction Rails that bite into hardpack snow even on side slopes, a FLEX tail that absorbs shock and mimics your natural stride, and an uber-easy and secure CustomWrap binding.

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