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Read the reviews below to find out what other customers are saying about the mens and women's Atlas 12 snowshoes.

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Great Snowshoes to Survive the Severe Maine Winter

this Atlas 12 snowshoes review by B. Fortier

I purchased the Atlas 1230 snowshoes because of Atlas's great reputation for excellence and innovation. I have owned the Atlas 1230 snowshoes for 30 days and have traveled in an excess of 50 miles through the untamed Maine woods. I have stepped on sharp wooden objects, hard crusted snow, and jagged ice without puncturing the snowshoe material. The Spring Loaded Suspension allows me to travel in excess of eight miles without tiring my legs and the Wrapp Pro Bindings are a true joy to operate. The snowshoes are made of lightweight rugged material; I am very satisfied with my purchase and have no doubt that I will enjoy the snowshoes for years to come.

Fantastic Snowshoes

this Atlas Elektra 12 snowshoes (also Atlas 11) review by Dave

My wife and I bought the women's Elektra 1223 and men's Atlas 1125 snowshoes and are extremely happy with them. The amount of traction available with these 'shoes is phenomenal, and the bindings are extremely easy to use and adjust. Love the heelbar - never had one before and it really does make a difference going up a steep incline. There was a comment about these snowshoes kicking up snow onto your backside - I've noticed this with some people, and it seems to be a personal trait. Some people (like my wife) walk in a way that flips the tail up. It just depends on the person more than the shoe, maybe. We love going off-trail in showshoes, and these really do give us the confidence to go almost anywhere. This winter has brought us a lot of snow in western Mass, and we've been going out almost every day, and they've been stable no matter whether climbing, descending or traversing across skittery ice. We also had an exceptional customer service experience with ORS; we hadn't dealt with them before but now do not hesitate to recommend them. They did right by us.

Makes Snow Adventures A Joyful Experience

this women's Atlas Elektra 12 snowshoes review by JudyTT

After doing alot of research, I bought my first pair of women's snowshoes this winter. I must say that I have been thoroughly pleased with the aesthetics and the performance of these showshoes. After using borrowed ones, these are like eating the finest European chocolate after only having had M & M's. I love them, and look forward to many good days in the woods on snowy days. Thank you! / I also just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your fabulous customer service when I ordered shoes from you in January. I had an issue with my order, and when I called customer service, the nicest young man found out what was going on and fixed it right away. He got my order sent out immediately, and when the package arrived, there was even a hand-written note from him wishing me fun with my new toys and apologizing for the delay. If you can determine who this was that helped me, please extend to him my kindest thanks.

Makes Snow Adventures A Joyful Experience

this women's Atlas Elektra 12 snowshoes review by JudyTT

After doing alot of research, I bought my first pair of women's snowshoes this winter. I must say that I have been thoroughly pleased with the aesthetics and the performance of these showshoes. After using borrowed ones, these are like eating the finest European chocolate after only having had M & M's. I love them, and look forward to many good days in the woods on snowy days. Thank you!

So Good, Bought a Second Pair

this women's Atlas Elektra 12 snowshoes review by SnowWho?

Got a second pair for another family member.... made for smaller feet and hands. Ordered the Atlas poles too because I find the grip is just a tad to wide on unisex poles and on long treks leads to fatigue in hand and wrist.

Great Snowshoe and Binding

this women's Atlas Elektra 12 snowshoes review by naturalist

Have tried MSR Ascent and others, Tubbs Flex TRK and another Tubbs model, and looked into various other makers and THEN chose the Atlas Elecktra 12 snow shoes. I'm 5'7' and female. It really matters how fast I can get them on and the tie breaker on purchasing the ATLAS was the bindings. After ascending 1000ft/3 miles, resting at a cabin, and then coming out into 8 degree weather to tangle with not-so-cooperative binding straps, one realizes how cold it is. I was frustrated that it hurt to pull on cold straps and try to get them to stay; it was a relief to see ATLAS was aware of this. Also, these snow shoes are quieter. I recorded our family on a packed surface with a shoe (MSR) that drag. What a racket and it disturbed the beauty of the surrounding area. I'm happy to have a snowshoe that floats, is easy to put on, is quiet, and can be use in many different terrain situations. And I like the spring in the bindings. Great Snow Shoe!!!


this men's Atlas 12 snowshoes review by Bill

These are the best snowshoes I have ever used by far. The bindings are amazing. I started snowshoeing in the 80's with "snowshoe" Gene Prater.


this men's Atlas 12 snow shoes review by Philip Ashe

I have been out on 4 six mile day trips over the past couple of weeks. I weigh 175 and am carrying a 60 pound pack to get in shape for a upcoming 40 mile trek through the 7 Devils country in Idaho. I am super impressed with the ease and speed of the bindings, shoes are light, and even though I am exceeding the weight limit for the 30 inchers I have had no problem floating the snow. I have been in about 8 inches of powder and packed snow both with no problems. So far these are the best shoes by far of any I have owned. The "free floating" toe is excellent on steep sidehills. Will update after my big trip. We will gain 3400 vertical feet the first day and have plenty of ups and downs and sidehills in between.

Conquers Almost Anything

this men's Atlas 12 snowshoes review by MD

Been on several hikes with these now from 4 feet of untracked powder in the PA Alleghenies to hardpack snow and ice trails in the Adirondacks. Great flotation in the power. On hardpack, traction is awesome going up and down, no slips even going down steep slick packed snow. The only time I had problems was at the summit on sheer ice and rock, but that is to be expected - time for crampons. Heel lift is nice addition, definitely helps out on the steep ascents. Love the binding, very easy on and off. ORS Snowshoes Direct has great service and very fast shipping.

Versatile for snowshoe racing and hiking

this Atlas 12 women's snow shoes review by Tracey

These showshoes were a gift. I wanted one shoe that I could occasionally race in and use for hiking. These snowshoes work great and I like the hill climb heel bar--it saves my calf muscles and increases my hill climb speed. I understand the need to move production to China, but I only wish they were still made in America. However, I appreciate the quality control in place as they are made well and have a good company backed warranty.

Simply the Best

this men's Atlas 12 snowshoes review by Mauricio Carneiro

Easy on, easy off. Great crampons and awesome flexibility. Best option for big guys out there. It's significantly lighter than the Tubbs Mountaineer 36 size. Really great. I love them.

Easy On Easy Off

this men's Atlas 12 snowshoes review by MWL

I have had a set of traditional ash and gut snowshoes with strap bindings for years but when they looked better suited to hanging on the wall than going cross country I went looking for another pair. The Atlas came highly recommended and I was not disappointed. Putting them on was easy and secure. The old ones look better on the wall.

Superlative Performer

this Atlas 12 snowshoes review by hiker1982

Chose this 'shoe over another brand's similar model because it was lighter in weight. The fit using different types of boots is comfortably secure. Terrific traction on slick ascents and while traversing slopes - heel lift is a valuable feature on climbs. The Series 12 is more than you need if you only go for walks in fairly level snowy woods and fields. I needed to replace an old "cutting edge" snowshoe that served me well on winter camping trips in the mtns. This model has admirably done that and been very comfortable on level terrain for an afternoon hike. It is a durable, top-of-the-line snowshoe.

A snowshoe that goes beyond recreation a real workhorse!

this Atlas 12 snowshoes review by G.G. of Minnesota

Having used snowshoes for over 40 years the model 1235 has been a great investment. Using wood snowshoes and poor bindings in the past this showshoe is light years ahead of what I have used. I have a large foot and the bindings are super.

Outstanding, User Friendly Shoes

this Atlas 12 snowshoes review by Shane

I just tried my new atlas 1230 snow shoes, went for small trek in the woods. They performed very good nice flotation excellent climbing up the hills. I have a pair of the 1030's also, the bindings on the 12's are much better and the traction is highly improved. Had no issues with ice build up even after crossing three rivers with them. If your looking for a pair of atlas shoes the 12 series are the way to go. The shipping from ORS was extremely fast and customer service was great. Thank you ORS!!!

Performed Beyond Our Expectations

this Atlas 12 & Atlas Elektra 12 review by S.D.

These were the first showshoes purchased by my wife and I. We tried them out and they performed beyond our expectations. The bindings fit to our boots easily, and were extremely comfortable. Not once did we need to readjust them while we were out. They were equally good on uphill and flat terrain and made downhill ascents easy. The traction is exceptional and we had the confidence in them to go wherever we wanted. We both would recommend them to anyone.

These SnowShoes are Incredible!

this Atlas Elektra 12 review by Jan K.

I purchased my Elektra 1227's to get me outside during the endless Maine winters and I decided to bite the bullet and get the best snowshoes I could buy. I've since become addicted to snowshoeing and I get out as often as possible, and I find myself wanting more snow to fall! These snowshoes are incredible! They grip amazingly well and I find that I can go up inclines that would be tough even in the summer. I love how the binding keeps the snowshoes close to your foot when you are stepping over brush and logs. I've been trying to get more friends to join me so I've lent mine out and it is working! So far, two of my girlfriends have purchased Atlas snowshoes and they love them too. I can say that snowshoeing is a great activity, and my Atlas snowshoes make it even better!

I Love This Shoe

this Atlas 12 review by SnowMonk

A friend of mine recommended the Atlas snowshoes, so I took his advice and got myself a pair of the 1225s, and I have loved them. They are super well built and are capable of tackling any terrain. The bindings are easy to get into and out of, and once on, they are very comfortable and hold amazingly well. The deck, which because it is made of softer material than other brands is very durable, and result in very quiet steps. The heel lift works great. I didn't realize how much of an advantage one of those things is until I used it on my first long climg. My lower legs felt so much better. Way less fatigue. I love this shoe.

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