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tsl snowshoes didoo snow sled for infants baby / burlington vermont

"Here's a picture of our little 'sweet pea', she loves the Didoo sled!"

name: M. Garrity
location: Burlington, Vermont
equipment: TSL Didoo sled for a baby, infant, small child

womans msr lightning axis snowshoes / snowshoe trails at franconia notch state park new hampshire
womans msr lightning axis snowshoes / franconia notch state park snowshoeing trails

"These are pictures taken on a snowshoeing trip with friends at Franconia Notch State Park snowshoeing trails."

name: U. Nehal
location: Brookline, Massachusetts
equipment: women's MSR Lightning Axis snowshoes

atlas 1130 snowshoes / atlas elektra 1123 women's snow shoes / mount van hoevenburg adirondack park snowshoeing trails

"My fiancee and I grew up in different social circles, I had always been into hiking and experiencing nature while she spent her youth shopping and socializing. Somehow the two of us ended up together and recently decided we wanted to find a winter activity that we could enjoy together. She wanted something with an exercise aspect to it while I wanted to continue my enjoyment of the outdoors. Snowshoeing seemed like the best way to meet in the middle. After countless hours of research on the internet, comparing prices and brands, reading endless reviews; we decided to purchase a pair of Atlas 1130 snow shoes for me, and a pair of Atlas Electra 1123 for her, and ORS Snowshoes Direct made our purchasing experience both simple and affordable. Our busy schedules have limited our use to some relatively flat local parks and trails until this past weekend. We finally had an opportunity to get out in the High Peaks region of the great Adirondack Park. This photo is the two of us at the peak of Mount Van Hoevenberg. What this hike lacked in elevation (it was a relatively short hike, about 4 hours round trip) it made up for in history, the uphill leg followed the remnants of the 1932 Olympic bobsled track (recently added to the national register of historic places) while the hike down finished with a walk through the snow covered concrete curves of the 1980 Olympic bobsled track. What a great experience. And, as it turned out, we couldn't have made a better decision, the Atlas 11 series worked flawlessly on both the ascent and decent, the heel lift proved its worth more than once. Thanks to everyone at ORS! We've fallen in love with snowshoeing and are looking forward to many many more adventures!"

name: Patrick N. and Jennifer C.
location: Latham, New York
equipment: Atlas 11 snowshoes (size 1130) and women's Atlas Elektra 11 snowshoes (size 1123)

tubbs venture snowshoes / wilderness women's snow shoes / hopkinton state park massachusetts snowshoeing trails

"Hi ORS, we are loving our four sets of Tubbs snowshoes we purchased this year from you. Thanks for the advice and great product. We have sent in two reviews for you to use with positive feedback. Lots of stars!! Make sure you include us in your monthly drawing! Here is a picture of resting during one of our hikes. Yes even the kids love them and we have fun as a family. This has been an excellent winter here in New England as there has been lots of snow. The snow shoes are great and so far we have used them in MA, NH and Maine."

name: D. Wilson
location: Hopkinton State Park
equipment: Tubbs Venture snowshoes, women's Tubbs Wilderness snowshoes and 2-part Tubbs snowshoe poles

atlas 1035 snow shoes lake michigan snowshoeing trails
atlas 9 elektra snow shoes wisconsin snowshoe trails
atlas 10 series snow shoes southeastern wisconsin trails for snowshoeing
atlas elektra 9 snow shoes snowshoeing trails near lake michigan

"My husband and I snowshoed the day of the 2011 Midwestern blizzard (2/2/2011) near the Lake Michigan shoreline in Southeastern Wisconsin. The area was nearly desolate, with the exception of a few brave souls who ventured out of their homes that were covered in 20" of fresh snow. The snow depth was no trouble for my Atlas Elektra Series 9 snowshoes and my husband's Atlas 10 Series (1035) snowshoes. One of the only passerbys inquired about our shoes and we heartily recommended snowshoeing as a winter sport well worth taking up."

name: E. Andersen
location: Lake Michigan shoreline, Southeastern Wisconsin
equipment: men's Atlas 1035 snowshoes, women's Atlas 9 Elektra snowshoes

A short snowshoeing video taken by J.E. Anderson on Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin. He also has some fantastic snowshoeing help videos:
What to Wear Snowshoeing video
What to Carry in a Snowshoeing BackPack video

name: J.E. Anderson.
location: Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin
equipment: MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes

atlas racing running snowshoes / snowshoe trails in new york
atlas run snow shoes / new york snowshoeing trails
atlas run snowshoes / running snow shoes

"I received the Atlas Run snowshoes and a pair of snowshoe gaiters as well this past Christmas as gifts from my parents. Lucky for me, a blizzard hit the New York area the day after Christmas, so I got to try out my snowshoes right away! As an avid trail runner, I feel as though snowshoeing is an amazing workout-I definitely feel as though it is a great way challenge myself. The snowshoes allow me to take my winter running to the next level. The Atlas Runs have a dual use, not only are they for running, but they are also good for getting some nice hiking in as well. I am lucky enough to have a state park as my backyard, with tons of trails, hills, and fields to trek across. Today I took my camera with me as I traveled around the park, looking to capture some wildlife shots. I also got some cool photos of myself snowshoeing! Thanks for a great pair of snowshoes."

name: E. Cirino
location: New York
equipment: Atlas Run snowshoes

atlas 10 1035 snowshoes / atlas lock jaw 2-part poles / Rib Mountain State Park Wausau Wisconsin snowshoe trails
atlas elektra 9 snowshoes / atlas elektra lockjaw poles / snowshoeing trails in Rib Mountain State Park Wausau Wisconsin

"Here are a couple shots of our latest snowshoeing trip. We went to Rib Mountain State Park in Wausau, Wisconsin last week (voted one of the best snowshoe trail areas in the state) I was using my new Atlas 10 Series (1035) snow shoes with Atlas Lock Jaw 2 part poles. My wife was using Atlas Elektra Series 9 snow shoes and Atlas Lock Jaw Elektra 2 Part ski poles. We just started snowshoeing more frequently this year and love going out. We are looking forward to our move to Colorado in the coming year to get out to some higher elevations and more challenging snowshoe trails."

name: M. Andersen
location: Wisconsin
equipment: Atlas 10 snowshoes, Atlas Elektra 9 snowshoes, Atlas Lock Jaw 2-part snowshoe poles

didoo child snow sled from tsl snow shoes

"A day out in the woods!"

name: C. Knutson
location: Northern Wisconsin
equipment: TSL Didoo child snow sled

"This is a short video I took last weekend of some friends and I snowshoeing the Glade Trail at Government Camp, Oregon. I'm wearing the women's Tubbs Flex TRK snowshoes I purchased from your website. I love them! I really appreciated the info and videos provided on your website, as well as the fast shipping and customer service involved with my purchase. I keep telling my friends how much I love my snowshoes. When I tell them how much I paid, they all say 'what a great deal, where'd you get them?' I say Onion River Sports / ORS Snowshoes Direct!"

name: Lacey B.
location: Portland, Oregon
equipment: Tubbs Flex TRK women snowshoes

flex alp tubbs snowshoes durango colorado snowshoeing trails

"Howdy, I live in Durango Colorado and this is a photo of me snowshoeing above Junction Creek here in Durango. Beautiful day made better thanks to the Tubb Flex Alp snowshoes."

name: Bob P.
location: Durango, Colorado
equipment: Tubbs Flex ALP snowshoes

msr lightning ascent woman snow shoes royal gorge cross country ski resort snowshoeing trails

"Here is a picture of me and my Lightning Ascents taking a rest while snowshoeing at Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort in Soda Springs, Lake Tahoe California."

name: Theresa H.
location: Lake Tahoe, California
equipment: MSR Lightning Ascent women snowshoes

msr lightning ascents / swiss alps snowshoeing trails
msr snowshoes lightning ascent / switzerland snowshoe trails

"I took my management team to Murren in the Swiss Alps (Bernese Oberland region, Lauterbrunnen Valley... same area as the Monch, Yungfrau and Eiger mountains which you see in the meeting room photo). We held our meeting on the Schilthorn in the “Piz Gloria” (see the meeting room photo), site of a 1960’s James Bond movie “On Her Majestys Secret Service”. To emphasize team building and risk management we took avalanche rescue training. The mountain guide also had a pair of MSR Lightning Ascents, he calls them the “ferrari” of snowshoes. The photo depicts us searching for transceivers the guide had hidden earlier that morning in a simulated avalanche scenario. One of the transceivers was buried on a short but steep incline and here is where the shoes really stood out. With the bulldog bite of the Ascents, I motored right past my colleagues and had a solid base for shoveling once we located our “victim”. Seconds count in that scenario and I arrived minutes ahead of my colleagues. We found and rescued our “victim” in 11 minutes vs. our colleagues who took 15 min. I saw a similar phenomena on the descent back to Murren. The Guide and I could literally run downhill whereas the others had to hold back as their shoes did not get the same traction."

name: P. Patterson
location: Switzerland
equipment: MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes

msr snowshoes evo ascent / sleeping bear dunes ohio snowshoeing trails

"Well okay then! You want pictures of all of us winter wonderland travelers doing what we love to do in the best of the best equipment! Here I am at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore on my annual winter snowshoeing trip. My first trip out in my new snowshoes was fabulous. Getting up high where the scenery was at it's best was a breeze in the MSR EVO Ascent Snowshoes. And breezy it was with gusts powerful enough to blow you right off the Dunes!"

name: Brenda D.
location: Wilmington, Ohio
equipment: MSR Evo Ascent snowshoes

men women crescent moon snowshoes gold / skowhegan maine snowshoeing trails

"A friend of ours recommended the Crescent Moon snowshoes. They are our first pairs. We love them. We have enjoyed having them so much. The bindings are easy to get in to and out of. What an amazing sport We have discovered. Even our dog likes it (although, obviously we stay out there so long...he needs a ride!) Thank you from Skowhegan, Maine!"

name: M. Dionne
location: Skowhegan, Maine
equipment: Crescent Moon Gold 10 snowshoes, Crescent Moon Gold 13 snowshoes

atlas 12 snowshoes snowshoe hare tracks in snow / rawsonville vermont snowshoeing trails

"Deep snow covered the forest deadfall in Rawsonville, Vermont. It was late January 2010, with gray skies, raw wind and a temperature of about 15 degrees. At 2 PM, I decided to take a walk-bout for a couple of hours. I donned my snowshoes, strapped on my backpack and proceeded through the cut in the stone wall behind my barn. I was on the quest to ascend the knob overlooking our hamlet. Snow enabled me to make a vertical climb of about 400 feet over a straight line distance of about one mile. The grade of the knob is about 45 degrees, making it impossible to climb without snow. By making a staircase with my snowshoes, I was able to reach the summit in a circuitous fashion, snaking my way around boulders, cliffs and heavy tree cover. On the ascent, I saw many fresh prints from snowshoe hares. Those hares had been moving erratically, in an attempt to evade several predators. I saw the deep holes punched into the snow by a bounding coyote. Fresh fox prints were numerous. No deer. Our deer population has been decimated by coyotes and bad hunting regulations. I reached the summit and gazed upon the cross-roads of Routes 30 and 100. The knob is really an oblong plateau, allowing for easy walking, once you get there. I started to track several animals and stopped to take the attached photo. The tips of my snowshoes would be recognize by those who use them. I did trail the tracks of a heavy animal. Timber wolves have been spotted in our area. Those tracks sank about 18 inches into the snow and were the size of a woman's clenched fist. It was about 3:30 PM now. My fingers were very cold and numb. I descended around the knob on gentler terrain, with my bare hands under my arm pits (under my zipped-up coat). Please don't try that. I only fell once. But, I didn't break anything.

Besides the Atlas snowshoes I was quipped with the following items: arm-pit high cross country ski poles; rucksack from my previous walk-abouts in Vietnam; Smith & Wesson "Sportsman" (38 cal revolver on a 45 frame (for self-defense only)) - I do not hunt anything; Pentax Optio W60 waterproof camera; Garmin GPSmap 60CSx; Casio solar powered Pathfinder watch with magnetic compass; Conventional magnetic compass; Rambo-style survival knife; Low light, amber-tinted sunglasses; fire starter kit; thermo blanket; emergency rations; medical kit; 1 quart of water; hatchet; folding saw; contractor garbage bags; SAS survival manual and ropes."

name: Peter E.
location: Rawsonville, Vermont
equipment: Atlas 12 snowshoes

atlas 11 snow shoes / lake tahoe snowshoe trails
atlas elektra 10 snow shoes / california snowshoeing trails
women elektra 11 atlas snowshoes / snowshoe trails in lake tahoe california

"After much surfing website reviews of snowshoes, I purchased Atlas brand, the Atlas Elektra E10 for my wife, and the Atlas 11 series for me. We live at Lake Tahoe, so since their delivery we have used the snowshoes a number of times on Mt. Rose (located up the mountain from Incline Village, NV. We have been totally satisfied with both the ease of putting on and taking off the snowshoes, and equally important the performance in varied snow conditions (crusted snow to fresh powder). The area of Mt. Rose where we go is from 8500 to 9000 ft. altitude, and the snowshoes feel very stable and comfortable whether going up, down, or level. While following a previously broken trail has its merits in ease and speed, we are not adverse to breaking our own trail. It is worth the effort to be first to discover fresh animal tracks and the serenity of being off from the maddening crowd."

name: D. Jennings
location: Lake Tahoe, California
equipment: Atlas 11 snowshoes, Atlas Elektra 10 snowshoes

men women kids tubbs glacier storm venture explore snow shoes / ashley national forest snowshoeing trails
childrens tubbs glacier storm snow shoes / snowshoe trails in ogden utah
mens tubbs venture snow shoes / ogden utah snowshoe trails

"This is a trip to the Ashley National Forest, where we hiked to the Grizzly Ridge Yurt. We used Tubbs Venture, Explore, Glacier and Storm. We had a blast getting to our destination on these products. Tubbs Snowshoes rock!"

name: S. Pope
location: Ogden, Utah
equipment: Tubbs Venture snowshoes, Tubbs Xplore snowshoes, Tubbs Glacier snowshoes, Tubbs Storm snowshoes

wilderness 25 women tubbs snowshoes saskatchewan canada snowshoeing trails

"Picture of me using my Tubbs Wilderness 25 snow shoes I bought from ORS Snowshoes Direct! This model is great for climbing up steep embankments in ravines. Although we have very COLD winters here, we managed to find an open beaver damn on our adventure this day. Doesn't get much more exciting than that!"

name: Janice B.
location: Diefenbaker Lake in Elbow, Saskatchewan Canada
equipment: Tubbs Wilderness womens snowshoes

men women msr lightning ascent snowshoes new york adirondack high peaks giant mountain snowshoeing trails
mens womans msr snow shoes lightning ascent / snowshoe trails in adirondack mountains
men women msr lightning ascent snowshoes / snowshoeing trails in new york adirondacks

"We purchased 3 pairs of MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes from you based on your online reviews. This is our first time using snowshoes. We decided to try them out on one of New York’s high peaks, Giant Mountain. The snow shoes are very easy to put on and not once did they come loose on anyone of us. We can’t wait to hit the peaks again soon. Thanks ORS for selling a great product and shipping them quickly. Happy New Year!! Thanks ORS!!"

name: Dave C.
location: Giant Mountain, New York
equipment: men MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes, women MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes

msr snowshoes lightning ascent snow shoes / kettle morraine south state park snowshoeing trails

J.E.A. says "Lovin' my MSR Lightning Ascents, yeah baby!"

name: J.E.A.
location: Kettle Morraine South State Park, Wisconsin
equipment: MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes

atlas snowshoes women men 9 / elektra 9 snow shoes / snowshoeing rails in washington state

"My husband and I began snow shoeing about two years ago. When we decided we liked the sport we originally purchased an inexpensive set of snow shoes - We decided to purchase nicer ones this year and begin to excel at the sport, so we bought the Atlas Snowshoes 9 series for him and her - we tried them out today and what a difference! As a woman, the old unisex snowshoes we owned hurt my hips, legs, and back. After doing a 2 mile snowshoe hike with the Atlas Elektra 9 I felt great. Thank you ORS for the best snowshoes ever. Across the country (we are in Washington State) your videos assisted us and we love the new snow shoes."

name: Tami
location: Washington State
equipment: women's Atlas Elektra 9 FRS snowshoes, men's Atlas 9 FRS snowshoes

tsl snowshoes women take the high road / snowshoe trails in sierra nevada mountains

"My son and I took a drive over to Hwy 108 up Sonora Pass to keep on our newly found habit, snowshoeing! Here we are sporting our "chains"!"

name: K.F. from Angels Camp, Ca.
location: Hwy 108 in the Central Sierra Nevadas, Sonora Pass, Ca.
equipment: Women's TSL Take the High Road snowshoes

tubbs snowshoes men explore

equipment: Tubbs Xplore snowshoes for men

tsl snowshoes kids infant toddler baby snow sled

equipment: TSL Snowshoes Didoo toddler / infant snow sled

msr snowshoes lightning ascent snow shoes

"We purchased the MSR Lightning Ascents 25" (mens and womens) from ORS and have taken them out on 3 short trips. The first was an easy trek along the Apple River in northern Illinois.. The second was probably more than we should have tried, but it was the most challenging yet. We snowshoed Wyalusing State Park in Wisconsin at the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. The Lightning Ascents performed perfectly. They never once slipped or felt unstable. The strapping system worked great without any problems. They are light as feathers and we adjusted to them almost immediately. We purchased Atlas poles which worked very well also. The only problem we had with the poles was one of them sticking and couldnt be loosened to retract. Luckily we thought of a solution to the problem that others may have experienced as well. By wrapping a rubber tourniquette around the pole it became easy to grip and twist ( like the rubber thingys to open a jar lid ) We have no complaints about our snowshoes ! They didnt even seem to get dirty or iced up after snowshoeing. ORS rocks ! "

name: James A.
location: Illinois and Wisconsin
equipment: men MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes, women MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes and men /women Atlas snowshoe poles

expedition-backcountry go anywhere-all terrain recreational-trail adventure basic beginner women specific racing running snowshoes

Atlas  Tubbs
MSR   Dion
Crescent Moon
Louis Garneau
...and many more

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