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Read the reviews below to find out what other customers are saying about the mens and women's Tubbs Xplore snowshoes.

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Excellent Value for Beginners

this Tubbs Xplore women's snowshoes review by Kathleen Asper

These snowshoes have alot of features you'd expect on higher priced snowshoes. They work well for trails and gently rolling terrain. Bindings are very easy to use once you figure them out and are very reliable. I'd recommend these to any beginner.

Good Value On a Quality Product

this Tubbs Xplore snowshoes kit review by Mike

I was looking for snow shoes and a hiking friend suggested Tubbs as a good brand. After a good snowfall after Christmas, I looked around local stores and none were available so I looked online and found this site and a beginner's kit from Tubbs. Snow shoes, poles & gaiters included at a good price. I have used the snow shoes a number of times and they are easy to put on and comfortable using. The service and delivery from ORS was top notch.

Excellent Value for Entry Into Snowshoeing

this men's Tubbs Xplore snowshoes kit review by Jamie

Bought these to give snowshoeing a try this winter. Just had 24 inches of fresh snow. No problems walking. Felt very sturdy with good floatation. Crampons provided good traction a few days later when snow turned into ice here in SW Michigan. Lots of lake effect snow on the way. Looks like I will stay in shape snowshoeing this winter.

Excellent Beginner Kit at a Manageable Price

this Tubbs Xplore woman snowshoes kit review by Lorri

I did alot of research before purchasing these snowshoes...read alot of reviews too! I decided the Tubb's Xplore Kit was an affordable way for me to get into the sport of snowshoeing and see if I like it. I am definitely NOT disappointed! The bindings are easy to use and comfortable. I feel no pressure on my knees as promised. I'm very pleased with ORS Snowshoes Direct as a first-time and hopefully repeat customer.

What are you CRAZY?

this Tubbs Xplore snowshoes review by Rick.

These are for Boy Scouts doing a long weekend in upstate NY over the Presidents Weekend... snowshoe into camp, build quinzees (snow shelters), do some ice fishing, and dog sledding... did I mention we sleep in the quinzees? Great snowshoes for Boy Scouts. They held up really well and are prefect for the beginner to get the feel of snowshoeing. ORS is great, quick turn around, price and free shipping. We use them to purchase our 100+ snowshoes!

Great Value for Price

this Tubbs Xplore snow shoes review by Andy M.

Easy on/easy off; work well in both heavy and light snow.

Great Value

this Tubbs Xplore Snowshoes Kit review by Melvin

Ordered two sets for Christmas. One set for my son one for my son in law. I then made them enter a snowshoe race with me. They had no problems other than getting beat by me!


this women's Tubbs Xplore Snowshoes review by Robert Ball

I had been shopping around on line for snowshoes, and ORS Snowshoes Direct had the best prices, and free shipping. I'm teaching my daughters to snowshoe, and they love them. The bindings are very easy to use. They work well in varying terrain.

Great for the Novice Snowshoer

this women's Tubbs Xplore Snowshoe Kit review by Novice Snow Bunny

A great quality snowshoe kit for the price; snow shoes are easy on/off; snowshoe poles adjust to adequate lengths.

A Disappointment

this men's Tubbs Xplore Snowshoe Kit review by Dan

I received thse snowshoes as a Christmas gift and tried them several times after a recent storm, trekking through two foot high snow drifts. The binding kept coming loose in the front, so that my feet shifted forward. The bindings on the heels are made of plastic with holes like a belt. These kept coming loose as well, and popped out of the loops that held them in place. These snowshoes were not worth the money--too much aggravation. They were a big disappointment.

Lightest, Easiest Bindings to Use!

this men's and women's Tubbs Xplore review by Jeanne

After comparing these snowshoes in stores and online, ORS Snowshoes Direct wins in all categories - price, free shipping, fast arrival of product - plus a knowledgeable, user-friendly website for a complete snowshoe novice! Thanks, ORS Snowshoes Direct!

Great Features for the Price

this men's and women's Tubbs Xplore review by M.J.

It really seems like a lot has changed with Tubbs snowshoes in the past few years. We wanted to buy snowshoes as a gift for my parents to encourage them to get exercise (I actually went with the Xplore snowshoe kit that includes the snowshoe poles and gaiters too). They certainly didn't need anything too special, but I wanted to make sure the snowshoes had a decent binding that would be easy for both of them to adjust on their own. A few years ago, to get these two features, you had to buy something in the middle of the line. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that I could get these features on the base model! And the most amazing thing of all was that there was even a women's model, with a tapered tail, for Mom! They were so happy to get these as gifts and have been going out together often and they have said that they are working perfectly well.

Nothing Fancy, but They Work Fine

this Tubbs Xplore review by Ol' Vermonter

I have a pair of the Tubbs Explore snowshoes. They are pretty basic, nothing fancy, but they work fine. I don't go anywhere too exciting. I mostly stick to a trail that I cut through my woods that's about a mile long. It's pretty flat, and the Explore provides the traction and floatation that I need. I have been snowshoeing for a very long time however, and let me tell you they're easy to use and a heck of a lot easier to walk in than the old wooden ones with the leather bindings.

They Don't Bang Together

this women's Tubbs Xplore review by CarrieUT

The women's Tubbs Explore snowshoes are a great pair of snowshoes at a great price. I'm not looking to do any sort of extreme snowshoeing, so these are fine for me. At such a good price, it's amazing that they offer this model in women's but they do. And I can say that walking in snowshoes that don't bang together versus snowshoes that do bang together is so much better, and it's all because of the tapered tails.

Iffy Snowshoe - Horrible Bindings

this Tubbs Xplore women snowshoes review by Frustrated in Wisconsin

The snowshoe itself was great looking and we thought the easy bindings would be great; however, they failed to perform. The heel part was very hard to use, and very difficult to pull tight enough for a woman especially when you have cold hands and they are snowy. The top part of the binding was easy to tighten but failed to hold securely which required me to tighten again and again after every 10-15 minutes or so of hiking on flat terrain. Would not recommend...in fact I sold mine on Craigslist to get another better pair.


this Tubbs Xplore snowshoes review by Dusty

This was my first pair of snow shoes purchased sight unseen and minimally researched. The reviews that I read didn't prepare me for the disappointment I got with the bindings. The binding didn't tighten up snuggly and hold. However, the ORS no hassle return policy allowed me to exchange them for an upgrade. FYI, I decided on the USA made (Vermont) TSL Over the Top snow shoes.

Not a User Friendly Product

this Tubbs Xplore woman's snowshoes review by Dorah

This winter was very snowy, I needed snoeshoes to walk with my dogs on our 6 acres. I borrowed my boss's Tubbs snowshoes that she had purchased in Tahoe and just loved them! I thought perhaps I could save some money buy purchasing a beginner and more level terrain style. What a mistake!!!! The shoes were very well made and nice and light, but the bindings were atrocious. They could not have been made cheaper or harder to tighten and release. Do your homework and research bindings as well as terrain styles

Caution -- Bindings are Awful

this Tubbs Xplore women's snowshoes review by Sherri

I found that the hard piece of plastic in front of the toe was too wide and too hard to properly mold to my foot. The pull bindings over the foot came immediately loose, so that too much time was spent bending over to repeatedly try to tighten the snowshoe to my boot. A big disappointment.

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